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A "Virtual Reality" EMG and Nerve Conductions Course with EMG Training, and the EMG Manual  

The EMG on CD/DVD Series
$1736 for Windows™ XP
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This combination is ideal for getting as close to a hands-on experience as you can with real EMG Needle Examination and Nerve Conduction Studies. You can view and listen to actual EMG recordings, and view a full course on Muscle Localization, Needle Electromyography and a course on Sensory & Motor Nerve Conduction Studies and take full advantage of the EMG Manual.

The Electronic Myoanatomic Atlas for Clinical Electromyography In clinical Electromyography (EMG), training in localizing muscles for needle electrode insertion has been primarily accomplished by referring to anatomy atlases and by observing experienced examiners. Books offer two dimensional static pictures. Learning from experts at meeting and courses can be expensive with limited opportunity to learn. Thanks to the multimedia technology and CD ROMs, you can now have the expert available to you at any time and for a fraction of the cost. It is like having your own Genie who knows EMG! In this CD, you will watch, observe, listen, and learn from Dr. Barkhaus as he demonstrates the techniques for muscle localization and activation for needle EMG examination.

The Electronic Atlas of Electromyographic Waveforms The nine CDs (or two DVDs) of the expanded second edition are now available. It contains 4 sections: (1) Instrumentation, (2) Insertional & Spontaneous Activity, (3) Motor Unit Action Potential Analysis, and (4) Interference Pattern / Recruitment. Each topic begins with a detailed lecture that describes physiology, pathology, waveform recognition & characterization, methods for capturing the potential, interpretation, and reporting. The methods include those used in the routine EMG examination, as well as sophisticated quantitative analysis. In the workshops, you will see the authors demonstrate the techniques using signals recorded in normal subjects, and in patients with a variety of neuromuscular diseases. The electronic technology will give you the feeling as if you are in a real laboratory with a real patient studied with a real instrument as the authors systematically teach EMG signal analysis. Finally, you will be able to take quizzes that simulate "Board Examinations". Hints are provided to guide the student to arrive at the correct answer.

The Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies & Pitfalls teaches a good technique to give reliable and reproducible results. The emphasis is on electrode placement, improving signal quality and minimizing technical artifacts. This will give the clinician/technologist more confidence in assessment of the sensory nerve conduction studies.

The Motor Nerve Conduction & Late Responses, demonstrates techniques for electrode placement, and stimulation sites for motor nerve conduction studies. A special section on the ‘Technical’ aspects review many other factors, e.g. filter settings, incorrect stimulation, etc., that can also affect the waveforms and measurements. In this DVD you will review the commonly tested nerves, and also many uncommon conduction studies.

Finally, The EMG Manual will give you a simple step-by-step approach to the basic understanding of EMG and Nerve Conduction studies, along with anatomical graphs and charts, normal values, set-ups and diagnostic work-ups.

Call it a Virtual Reality EMG and Nerve Conductions Training Course with many benefits. You study at your leisure. You command the lectures and workshops at your wish. Repeat the course as many times as you desire!

Electronic EMG Manual®
Peripheral Nerves Anatomy
General Muscles Anatomy
Nerve Conduction Set-Ups
Needle EMG Anatomy Atlas
Patient Education Series (FAQ)
Nerve Entrapment Guide
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