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TeleEMG's NCV & Needle EMG Courses

Finally, an EMG course that... brings it all together


  • The course given by Dr. Jabre, which I attended in June 2009, was excellent. Even though I have been practicing orthopedic surgery for many years, I needed further knowledge concerning electrodiagnostic medicine and the practical applications of this filed.

          This course has helped me immensely!

          Terry J. Beal, M.D., TX

  • The course fulfils what it promises and that is providing hands on experience doing nerve conductions and EMGs.. But after this course people who are novices will get a good initiation and for people like me who are doing the tests but are not experts it will help immensely solidifying techniques in testing for the commonest conditions which we mostly encounter in daily practice. There were numerous small practical tips including the coding which was great.

    In summary it was a very PRACTICAL course with less theoretical jargon which I liked.

    Debashis Biswas M.D., Board Certified in Neurology, TN 

  • Finally, an EMG course that.. brings it all together: the recent conference I attended by TeleEMG was simply “outstanding”. Dr. Jabre brings his vast knowledge as a clinical neurologist to give a comprehensive overview on the technical aspects, as well as the medical necessity, for performing and understanding nerve conduction studies. Additionally, he breaks down the sometimes difficult to understand EMG terminology into practical and relevant language that can be used to help gain insight into the diagnosis and management of neuromuscular disorders.

    If you are looking for an EMG course or thinking about bringing EMG testing into your practice, instead of referring all the patients (and revenue) to someone else, then you need to attend this seminar.
    Michael Kominsky, D.C., WV

  • Good basic course for a Neurologist who has not been practicing for a while.

    Swann Van Delden, M.D. – Neurologist, TX 

  • The TeleEMG class was great. It was very informative and was explained on a level that all varieties of people with different educational backgrounds could follow. Not to mention that Dr. Jabre is an incredible speaker with quite a sense of humor. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone with interest in this field.

    Nicole Cooper, RN, CA 

  • The TeleEMG team has done an outstanding job. All their lectures were up to date and comprehensive. 'Hands on' experience with NCS and EMG was very educational with staff always ready to demonstrate techniques and answer questions. As a neurologist in training, I am looking forward for the next workshop to improve my knowledge of EMGs.

    Ramy El Khoury, M.D., Neurologist in training, TX

  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending the TeleEMG course. Dr. Jabre was very comprehensive and forthwith. His testing methods were clear and concise and I liked the support material.

    Bruce S. Orisek, M.D., CA

  • I thought the course was wonderful. It satisfied my needs completely. Even after not having done EMGs for many years, I feel very confident doing them now.

    Lewis Eberly, M.D., VA

  • I was really impressed with this short and consized course delivering basic EMG/NCV information in a easy to digest and comprehensive format. It was also a real joy to comunicate with Dr. Joe Jabre in formal and informal settings. His deep knowledge but most importantly vibrant persona made this supposedly "boring" course a real fun.

    Alex Rovner, M.D., Neurologist, Child Neurologist, Buffalo, NY

  • Great course. As a recent Neurology residency graduate the course provided me with a comprehensive review of NCS and EMG techiques required for my general neurology practice.

    Nimer Mian D.O., NJ

  •  Dr. Jabre's EMG workshop was very good. It was good to refresh important points. I feel he is doing a good job. People will really benefit from it.

    Anil Singhal, M.D., Neurologist, OK

  • I was very impressed with the course and felt that all my initial objectives were met. I liked the contents of the conference material and found the infomation to be very practical. I thought that it gave me all that I needed in order to resume my practice with EMG's and NCVS. Dr. Jabre presented the material in a very understandable manner and gave several pearls of wisdom that came out of his experience. That was most helpful. In addition there was enough time to practice at the workshop. Again, thank you all at the team for a wonderful conference.

    Nalini Bethala, M.D., NJ

  • I really enjoyed the class and thought it was very informative and will definately help students to practice emg/ncv. I will keep in touch with you cause our company is growing and im sure we will be needing more techs in this field.
    Dr. Jabre and staff were very knowledgeable and patient with us. Great job!!

    Angelita Tamez-Velez, Tech, TX

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