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Nerve Conductions and Needle EMG Training Course & Workshops


EMG & NCV Training

  Learn the upper and lower extremity nerves & muscles anatomy along with conduction and stimulation setups. Review EMG cases as though you were doing the study. View Video clips of the commonly tested muscles in needle EMG and get training in waveform recognition, their shape, their normal values, and how they change in disease.
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  TeleEMG's single-patient Neuroline® surface, needle and injection electrodes have been specially developed to meet the growing need for increased safety, efficiency and patient comfort during nerve conduction studies and EMG needle examination.
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TeleEMG DuraGrip Stimulator...
  This is an easy to hold, comfortable grip stimulator that is virtually unbreakable. Use it to stimulate with felt tip pads (included) that you only need to wet with Saline (no need for gel) or stainless steel tips. There are no confusing knobs or buttons to learn, get used to, or break!
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iPhone Nerve Entrapment Guide.......
  Keep your common nerve compression and entrapment syndromes and nerve anatomy handy on your iPhone (iOS 4.0 and higher) at all hours of the day and the night. Review the symptoms and findings in carpal tunnel, wrist drop, foot drop, peripheral neuropathy, tarsal tunnel, meralgia paresthetica and more.

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Single Fiber EMG

SINGLE FIBER EMG - 3rd Edition.....
  Single Fiber EMG (SFEMG) is designed for EMGers in general and those interested in the special technique of SFEMG. This comprehensive book (link will open a Word doc) discusses principles, detailed methodology descriptions, and clinical applications of SFEMG. It explains the usefulness of SFEMG in myasthenic conditions as well as various other nerve and muscle disorders. This book can only be ordered from the AANEM webpage (link will open a new browser page)

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General Muscles Anatomy
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Needle EMG Anatomy Atlas
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Nerve Entrapment Guide
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