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Focus EMG
The EMG machine for the rest of us

Advanced Two Channel EMG and Nerve Conductions machine that
Fits in the Palm of your hand

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No bulky power supply - Draws power directly from your Laptop for Noise Free use

The Focus draws its power from your Laptop via a single USB cable. No bulky, cumbersome power supply. Connect it to your Laptop, start the program and it's on.

Simple navigation - Stop going to a menu to chose sensory or motor, right or left. Just press the Next button

Stop going through 3 or 4 steps each time you want to chose a nerve or muscle to study. Using the Focus Exam Template Function you can now set up a template of the nerves and muscles you study routinely so that all you have to do is press Next each time without ever looking at a Menu.

Choose the area of the body that you want to study and easily pick the nerves (or muscles) from it.

Even better, you can set up a template for you and another for your colleague(s) so that you will never have to reconfigure your machine after your colleague uses it.

Designed to work like your browser: use the Focus Tabs Navigation Interface to navigate between menus

Tired of the EMG Machine interface? We have designed a browser interface to work just like you do!

Gone are the days where to do a motor study you have to leave the sensory menu and to do a needle study you have to leave the nerve conductions settings.

Now you can navigate between ALL of these modalities by clicking on a Tab, just like you do with your browser

Instantaneous comparison to your normal values

Do you want to know if your values are within normal limits before going on to the next test, or better yet before your patient leaves?

Now you can see an instantaneous comparison of your patient data to a normal values set of your choice AS you are doing the study and on the SAME nerve conduction page, not buried in a menu three layers deep that forces you to leave your nerve conductions page. Same thing for the F-wave. Get an instantaneous reading of all your latencies, as you are doing them.

The Best Artifact Troubleshooting around, period

Do you get tired of troubleshooting where this poor baseline is coming from? Find out immediately if your electrodes are the guilty ones with the press of one, just one button. You will get an immediate 3 color display of each one of your electrodes, green if it's OK, yellow if it's so so and red if you need t change it.  No need to fumble with buttons and menus to get that simple question answered.

Stop looking for that difficult to find  take off in those low amplitude potentials. Use the Magnifier function to immediately identify it.

Do you like your machine's decision for where the cursor should be set for onset peak etc.. If so great. If not stop struggling with a small arrow and cursor to reposition it. Use the magnifier function to find it and get an instantaneous reading of your new cursor position, on the waveform, not on a menu somewhere else.

Still having problems? just highlight the area of the tracing where you think it is (not know it is) and the Focus will go back to work again trying to recalculate the best position.


Tell your report what you want to show not what it thinks you want to show

Do you want your report to show the waveform that it thinks is the right one (as all other machines do), or do you want it to show the part of the waveform that you think is more interesting? Just highlight (with your mouse) the part of the waveform you want to show and click "copy to report" and that's what will show. By the way this works for everything, nerve conduction, needle exam F-wave and H-Reflex.

Immediately identify an abnormal spontaneous activity for your as soon as you see it

Do you want to tell your report what you saw, when you see it. Right click on a waveform and tell it whether it's a fibrillation, positive wave, fasciculation etc..


How about Motor Unit Potentials

Do you want to get an instantaneous reading of your Motor Unit amplitude, duration and number of phases. Just use the Motor Unit Program to identify your waveforms and immediately give you a read out of all their values, right next to them, not three menu pages away.

Comparison to your Motor Unit normal values

You can also change the display to show you a comparison with your normal values.


If you find more Motor Units, you can add it manually to the list just by highlighting them and right clicking on them.

Single Fiber EMG Jitter analysis

Automatic Single Fiber EMG acquisition and Jitter analysis.

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