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Practice Set Up Services                               Call 1-877-TeleEMG (835-3364)

TeleEMG's Practice Set Up Services

A unique opportunity to set up your own nerve conduction practice in less time than you thought possible!

Basic Nerve Conductions & Needle EMG Training Workshops

Fort Lauderdale, FL
- Saturday and Sunday June 16 - 17, 2012

This course is Limited to 15 Participants Only

The Focus EMG Machine has arrived

EMG & Nerve Conductions for the rest of us!

As a Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics or Pain Management Health Care Provider, you can add Nerve Conductions to your practice and bill for them.
Stop referring your patients out

    We will 

    • Set you up with the EMG equipment that meets your practice requirements

    • Provide you with Audio-Visual training materials and manuals to perform NCVs in your office with your machine

    • Set up intensive, hands-on training sessions with you and your technicians in your Lab on your machine

    • And each time you perform a study, give you

      • A comprehensive on the spot report of your study

      • A patient education summary explaining your findings in "plain English"

      • Color diagrams of the nerves and extremities you studied

      • A guide to the CPT codes you can use for all your Medicare/Insurance billing. Typical nerve conduction CPT codes include 95903, 95904, and 95934 codes (find out what the CPT Code Reimbursement for these codes is in your area)

      • The cms.gov pdf on Billing and Coding Guidelines (Effective 04/15/11)

  • All this delivered to you instantaneously, on your machine, in your office, on a 24/7 basis.

Nerve conduction studies can be a great addition to your practice, be it Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics or Pain Management. If EKG, Ultrasound, and X-Rays, among others, have become part of your practice, why not Nerve Conduction Studies? Stop referring your patients out!

Want to schedule a Live Demo?

All you need is a Laptop and an Internet Connection!

Contact Info

Phone: 1-877-TeleEMG (835-3364) - Email: expert@teleemg.com

Here are some typical Nerve Conductions Indications

The rest is up to you!

Just tell us when and where, and let us get you started with a first rate NCV practice!

Electronic EMG Manual®
Peripheral Nerves Anatomy
General Muscles Anatomy
Nerve Conduction Set-Ups
Needle EMG Anatomy Atlas
Patient Education Series (FAQ)
Nerve Entrapment Guide

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