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TeleEMG Basic NCV and Needle EMG Courses FAQs

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1. Are there any prerequisites required to attend this course?

TeleEMG welcomes all participants interested in learning how to perform NCVs and EMGs. A good understanding of anatomy is helpful, but not required. In general, our courses are attended by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists and Medical Technicians. If unable to perform needle EMGs, we encourage you to attend our one day only NCV course.

2. How long is the TeleEMG training course?

The TeleEMG training course is two days long. The first day is geared towards Nerve Conductions Studies, while the second day is geared towards needle EMG. Attendees are welcomed to a complimentary breakfast both days.

3. Who Teaches the TeleEMG courses?

This basic course is taught by Roger Hagelberger, EMG Tech, and Mark Gabriel, DC. Dr. Joe F Jabre, a Board Certified Neurologist and EMGer, is the Course Director but will not participate in the teaching. Dr. Jabre has 30+ years of experience in this field and has published extensively and given numerous lectures around the world on this subject. Click here to see some Testimonials from past course participants.

4. How many courses a year do you offer?

Generally TeleEMG hosts between 4-5 courses a year in various parts of the country. To date courses have been held in Santa Monica, CA, Boston, MA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, San Antonio, TX and Tarrytown, NY. Please check our site for upcoming courses dates and times.

5. Will there be a machine representative present at the course?

Yes we make an effort to have an EMG machine representative available on site to answer any questions participants may have regarding a machine purchase.

6. What is the required certification to perform NCVs?

In most States, NCVs can be performed either by or under the direct supervision of a properly licensed healthcare professional.

7. What is the required certification to perform EMGs?

The majority of States require that you be an MD or DO to perform needle EMGs. However, some States allow Chiropractors, PAs, NPs and Physical Therapists to perform them as well. Healthcare professionals are strongly encouraged to check with their licensing Board to find out what the stipulations are concerning the performance of needle EMGs in their field of practice.

8. Is there a certificate of completion offered at the end of the course?

Yes, all course attendees will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

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