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TeleEMG DuraGrip Stimulator

Tired of those $700 and $800 stimulators that you only need to drop once to break!
TeleEMG's DuraGrip Stimulator is an easy to hold, comfortable grip stimulator that is virtually unbreakable.
Use it to stimulate with felt tip pads  that you only need to wet with Saline (no need for gel) or stainless steel tips.
There are no confusing knobs or buttons to learn, get used to, or break!

TeleEMG DuraGrip Stimulator....





This is an easy to handle durable stimulator that requires no special training to use, and can even stimulate with felt tip pads (no need for gel) as well as stainless steel knobs.
It is easy to hold and virtually unbreakable.


Easy to hold and requires very little space next to your machine. No complicated knobs and functions to learn, or break.




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